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Wow this really brings back some very painful memories! I also have a son who was ADHD,ODD,and a few other ones. At 18 he has finally started to chill out! He's been to mental hospitals,treatment centers,detention centers etc.. I am still not sure how I made it through it.. he had so much anger in him..fighting with us,so many times I thought I could not go on but I did. One thing everyone who deals with kids like ours has to do is when the day is done, forget it and don't relive it the next day..that might seem hard..but its the only way to keep some peace in YOU..I hope I a not bringing anyne down,because I don't mean to do that..I still live in fear that he will get some stupid idea in his head and act on it..
I would love to know why the kids today are having problems like this? I surely hope no one here has to put their kids on "R" for ADHD...Wasn't sure if I can mention the name..Chris was on it and it about drove him nuts...swinging off the rafters in the garage while thowing lit matches at was a seen out of a horror movie I swear! There are some great treatment centers out there that might help...I wish each one of you the best...
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