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It is very painful for me to read about these poor Moms and children. I have a child 8 1/2 that was diagnosed when she was 6 with ADHD (which I suspected) and most likely Oposition Diffiant Disorder. Plus reading problems. What she does learns has a hard time sticking with her. And, also, she too has a hard time making friend and usually floats off by her self even at a party...her own birthday party! We had to keep bringing her back to activities. She ways she wants friends, though. She seems to do much better with older kids or adults.

She voiced that she wanted to commit suicide a couple weeks ago, in great detail. Off we went to ER, then on to a Mental Health facility, though I have to say it was not impressed with the way that this was handled @ the MHF or her follow up care after her release 2 days later. But, thats another story.

She was started on an anti depressent and one for mood swings. After 10 days she seems to be doing quit well..with very few outbursts. We still have need for follow ups and family counseling.

Sometimes its not easy being a parent, darn it!!
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