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Chris I have posted 2 different replies to your helpful post of yesterday but neither one of them would post. It kept telling me that I wasn't logged in when I had already done that. Don't know what was wrong.

I truely appreciate all the helpful information. and will check out all the sites you have shared.

Today has been another rough day. we transferred dgrd to the emergency shelter to stay until the behavior facility has an opening. She was not happy but I think she will feel better after she gets settled. She has been there before for respite care and always loves it so I think she will be okay. she is just supper mad that she can't come home.

No the place she is going to be treated at is not connected to a university hospital. sometimes I wish we had taken her to Iowa City to the university hospital but it is a long drive and we wouldn't have the help she needs when we have an emergency. She is in a small unit at a hospital that only works with mental illness and dependency problems. I use the same hospital when I have to be hospitalized with my bipolar illness.

It is so nice to have someone who understands where I am coming from. I have been the main caregiver for most of her life. But because I am just grandma and not a legal guardian I am so often left out of the equation. I have not been able to visit her the whole time she has been in the hospital this time. I saw her today because I helped transfer her but I couldn't go in the hospital or into the shelter either. We may be able to visit her at the shelter in a few days when she is settled a little more. Her sister can hardly stand that she can't see her. I hope we will be able to at least have them together for a few minutes soon.

Thank you for your support and all the information that you have gotten together for us. I means more than I can express. I will use your email addy I am sure. Thank you for the offer.


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