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God willing, we have seen the last tropical storm / hurricane ripping through the SE. There was a guy on Foxnews this AM who is going back to his beachfront home in FL after being away for a month. He said something very simple and very profound: "You control what you can, and accept the consequences of what you can't control." He went on to say that he knows living in FL means he runs much increased risk of disaster from Hurricanes. He has the insurance, has "shored up" his house as best he can, and follows through with obeying the recommendations about evacuations. He has controlled what he can control, and accepts the consequences of what he cannot control.

I guess that's what this thread has really been about - what can you control and how can you control it. But when things go beyond what you can control, accepting and getting on with life is what we need to do.

May God bless all of y'all out there as you repair and make "right" the things that have broken and gone wrong!

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