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My children have always suffered from allergies and asthma, here is what I've learned

Hi everyone! My name is Kimberly and I'm a work at home mom of two girls Arianna 13 and Cambree 11. My girls have suffered from allergies, ear infections and asthma. My oldest childs problems have been so severe that she had to have surgery on her ear drum.

I have been searching for the cause for years! No one really knows why they girls have this trouble. I've never gotten a clear answer. I began to research and I have learned about the long term effect of chemicals! It is so scary. We all worry about outdoor pollution when the EPA reports that the air inside our homes is three times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor pollution.

As I discovered fact after fact of cleaning chemicals causing serious health problems my heart began to ache. My clean freak tendencies may have contributed to my children's problems. I searched for alternate solutions and am happy to report I FOUND IT.

I began to purchase natural cleaning products for my home. These products can be difficult and cost more because of the quality ingredients. HOWEVER I've found several online websites and a wonderful catalog company that has really helped. If you are interested in getting safer products in your home you can do it! Just do research on the web and you are sure to find lots of sources. It can be confusing so I'm more than happy to share what I've learned.

Since I began using toxin free, all natural cleaning products the girls have not been sick! My children no longer have to use the inhaler or take pills! It's amazing.

I hope to speak to many of you and learn from your experiences as well. Moms have to stick together.
Kimberly J. Coy
Marketing Executive III.
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