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I also have Fibromyalgia.. Was diagnosed almost 3 years ago but was told I've had it for about 15 yrs. Mine went into remission for a few years but I also had a traumatic pregnancy and birth with my 9 yr.old daughter.It has been really bad since then. I also have CFS,TMJ,osteoarthritis,and Hepatitus C. Now possibly Lupus. I didn't want to be on a lot of medication from fear of addiction so I decided to try the alternative medicine approach.That helped for a little while but then all of a sudden something happened that made it have a reverse effect on me.I came close to dieing.Now I'm only on pain medicine but I'm afraid it isn't working very well most days.I seem to be able to handle the pain a lot better than the depression though.I've been addicted to nerve pills before so I'm very scared of being put on anything like that again.The only way I can tell you to try to cope with it is to take one day at a time.I get through each day
with a lot of prayer and Faith in God.