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I have FM also. I was diagnosed in '98, but believe I have had it all along, even when growing up, but I think it got alot worse after the traumatic pregnancy and birth of my son in '94. I also have some other problems: hypertension, gouty arthritis, hypothyroidism, heart murmur, depression and a host of other things due to the FM like migraines and IBS. I am on Celexa for the depression, and it has so far been the only thing to help the depression but it killed my sex drive! For pain and inflammation, I am on Relafen, Allopurinol, Colchicine, Percocet, & Flexeril. For the high blood pressure, I have to take Procardia, Maxide, Lebetalol, Cozaar, and have to have prscription Potassium supplements. For the hypothyroid, I have to take Synthroid the rest of my wonder I have depression!! What gets to me emotionally though is people who don't take me seriously, all I have heard all my life is "You're too young to be so sick!"

It took alot of experimenting (under the doctor's supervision) to find a combonation of meds. that helped any. I have come to the conclusion that no matter what we do, or take, that it will not take it all away....we will have to do the best we can with what we got. I have learned the hard way to PACE MYSELF! I have also finally realized that if a situation is stressful, then it's OK to say no or even remove myself from that situation, for instance friends may invite us over for supper and then start arguing....oops, time for us to go!

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