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Re: Jar cakes

Originally posted by Vrsherren
I've read several recipes that you use a qt. jar that has been greased and pour cake batter in 1/2 full. Then you bake for 40 minutes at 350'. When doen, wipe the mouths of the jar and place a lid seal over the top and screw the ring down and listen to the ping as it seals. It last up to 1 year if sealed properly! I'm going to try it this year. Also if anyone wants the recipe to Wine jelly let me know and I'll post it. Looks great in wine glasses, or in those cute little bittie jars.


My MIL does this she makes her zuchenny(sp) bread and the bakes it in small wide mouth jars then puts caps and lids on while hot it seals and she has cake anytime

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