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Oh so horse crazy!

My daughter's experiences with lessons have been the best of the best and the worst of the worst. Her first instructor was teaching hunter/jumper (English saddles). She screamed at the kids and actually smacked on boy on the leg with her crop because she felt he wasn't listening. My husband said he couldn't go watch anymore and listen to her screaming at the kids. We moved to Omaha and had a sweet, wonderful young lady, who switched my daughter to western pleasure riding and had all the patience in the world with her.

We now have two horses of our own that we board at a local stable. My daughter is taking lessons on her own sweet, old quarter horse. Her first lesson was bareback with no bridle or reins. The instructor led her around the small round pen teaching her what it felt like on a left lead or right lead, what it feels like when the horse is gathering himself to trot. Then had her close her eyes (and hold onto the mane) and see if she could tell which front foot was coming off the ground first. (Seems easy, but I'll bet it's not). So her first lesson was kind of a "theory" lesson. I am THRILLED with this instructor because she has helped both of us so much. I've never owned horses before so all my knowledge is what I've read. She helps us without making us feel stupid.
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