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I didn't have C-sections with my boys, but with Adam I was hemoraging and had been since the 5th month and they could not find where I was hemorraging from. So I was on complete bed rest for the last 5 months of my pregancy.

I too, prayed for a girl. I wanted a girl so bad I could taste it. After the problems began, all I wanted was a healthy baby and deep, way down, I kept praying for a girl. I knew that and this is the first time I have ever admitted it. I didn't get my girl, of course, we had our Adam. I would not take anything for him and would hurt the first person who hurt out Iraq I will come after you!

Due to my age, I was 30 and the difficult pregnacy I was going to have my tubes tied...well, I chickened out. Three months later Kelly decided and we talked long and hard over this, that since I was so scared about the tubal he would get a vasectomy. He did and we have never regretted that.

My daughter in law, who has Liam, however, did have a tubal right after she had Liam. Gerard and she had decided they only wanted one child. I, personally think it was more her than him, but that is their lives, not mine. I know in my heart my son would have loved to have had another child. Adam, who is only recently married has already said he would never have an only child unless that is all they could have.

Nancy, I'm thinking pink for you, too, sweetie. I'm praying you will have an easy, safe pregnacy.

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