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I totally agree. TV probably has contributed to some of my problem.
andi0527, Meghan had problem finishing her food in time too! It's in the past only because the whole of preschool and kindergarten we worked on that. I don't know if it is the constant pointing it out or different punishments and loss of previleges or age (milestone) but finally we got over that! PHEW!!!! We even had to make her eat the left over lunch from school when she came home in the evening!
Now we are onto finishing her tasks. She tends to finish any challenging work faster than just coloring a repetitive pattern or simple tasks (calls it 'baby work').
We had to explain to her how no matter what kind of work, unless she finishes it, the teacher will think Meghan was not able to do it (Man that hurt her pride!).
The standing over her or in and around the room she is working has been working so far. But she is going to have to learn to work without a monitor soon.
BTW the progress chart at home is helping too! The school has a rule against it so the teacher can't help me with that.
Have fun!

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