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I have tears in my eyes after reading your post for I am remembering what all happened before and after Ethan was born. My pregnancy had just felt different the whole time and my Mom and I were SO wanting a girl! Dresses, dollies, tea parties etc. My cousin sent me some beautiful little girl hand me down clothes from Nordstrom and Gap and the room wasn't fixed up really girly but a little more neutral. I was SURE it was a girl! And then we went in for the gender ultrasound and she said girl so of course I was double extra postive that "Emma Madison" was on her way. I packed a girlie going home outfit and had filled out all the paper work in advance with "emma's" name on it. Marked all the diaper bag items etc. with her name. As I was rolled from the room into the surgery we were all chatting about soon Emma will be here. Then the spinal block, then some pushing and shoving and then a cry! And then shocked gasps...well of course I thought there was something wrong with "her" and then the anethisiolgist leaned over the drape and said "It's a boy!" and I said "No, it's a girl" and he leaned over again and said "NO honey, it's a BOY"...I was dissappointed momentarily. We had no boy name, no boy clothes out all the paperwork was wrong but here was a beautiful little newborn baby with that pathetic little cry and of course I couldn't help but love him! It took all of about 20 minutes to know that he had touched a very special part of me. I try VERY hard not to be partial but it's clear that our oldest Nathan is daddy's boy and Ethan is mommy's boy. It isn't at all selfish or unusual to want that little girl. But you never know what the Lord will give you and what he has given will be precious to you! I will pray that it is the healthy little girl that you're dreaming of. If I can figure out how to resize my pictures to fit on here I will post a few of my boys. I have had quite a few people tell me how much easier raising boys are than girls...I don't know for sure but am awfully glad that I have mine!


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