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I guess if comes down to if i have a boy or girl..

THe Csection Im OK with it...i had a positive experience...
but if i had my tubes tied and had 2 boys i feel i would always
have this longing for a girl..the what if and the whole pretty in pink teaching her about being a good woman and shopping buddy...but in turn having a third what if that too were a boy i cant have half a dozen looking for girl thats irresponsible.
If i were to have a girl id be more i guess at ease with the decision because there wouldnt be a reason for 3 Iknow it sounds horrible and i hate myself for thinking that way...
but it seems everyone is it has to abe a girl and feel that if its not
ive somehow missed out on something..problem is im starting
to think pink too...with Ben i secretly wanted a boy and was only hoping for healthy..this time while healthy is my priority..i cant help but wish for girl...

"I asked for light, God gave me the sun
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