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My son who is 7 has the same problem. He just doesn't like to do his work. I got this crazy idea when I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to eat and surprisingly it works rather well. I have a kitchen timer that I use to to remind myself of practically everything. I myself have some trouble focusing. It is one of the timers that has more than one setting so you can time the cake in the oven and have it set to time my son doing homework at the same time. It was inexpensive and now I can't imagine not having one. When he starts getting distracted I just tell him I am setting the timer. Since he knows he has a certain amount of time to finish his task or he will be punished (like he will lose part of his allowance or have to do extra chores) He usually finishes pretty quickly. He dislikes being put on the clock so much that he will often get back on task himself so I wont set the timer. I also think that it gives him a good idea of how time passes. Just be sure if you decide to use a timer that you set the time realistically. It is a little difficult to guess how long it will take to complete some of his homework. I always add extra time so it is an attainable goal. At school I don't really have any ideas about that. I did notice that several other people had some great ideas. My son had lots of trouble in first grade and his teacher decided to put him at a desk by himself if he wasn't staying on task. It worked really well. He realized that he was going to have to sit alone if he didn't complete his work. This year his teacher is a man and he just seems to respond better to him. I hope this helps.
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