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Does anyone have fibromyaglia? I was diagnosed about 6 years ago and have been coping with the chronic pain, fatigue,musle pain, sleep disturbstances, etc.

Most of time I can manage it, with meds, elavil works the best for me. But now the increasing symptons are annoying. I try to keep a regular sleep and wake pattern, eat healthy, keep stress low. Now it affects my jaw, TMJ, and I suffer from Migraines....all of these are in the Fibromyaglia circle. Pain meds do NOTHING for me.

Weather changes affect me too! What a has been wonderful not humid and all of a sudden it has turned to 50degrees at night. Now my body is kicking up a fuss. I feel like I have the flu, achy body, muscles, fuzzy brain, and also I am nauseous.

I would love to hear from other sufferers to see if they control their disease differently or have any suggestions or ideas.