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Hi there, Glow4God Cool screen name!!!
Welcome to Family Corner! I think this is the nicest "corner" of the Internet. There are so many friendly, wonderful people here
Your son is a cutie and has such a happy smile. I have a daughter his age, and also 2 sons ages 12 and 2.
There are lots of great places to explore here. We have a postcard club if you are interested--and once you make 75 posts your son can get a Postcard Buddy. Here's the link to the postcard club:
I know that my kids are always fascinated to see the cards from different parts of our country--and world!--to look at the pictures and read about different places.
We love to talk recipes too, and even have a "What's For Dinner" forum. It's lots of fun. Jump in with both feet there at:

Most of all, enjoy your time here!
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