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We only have one major grocery store here. They are much cheaper than the smaller, locally owned stores. However, I have totally stopped buying meat from the large grocery store. I got tired of questioning the meat before I cooked it for my family. I would buy a nice, pretty package of ground sirloin. However, when breaking it apart to cook it or to mix up a meatloaf, I would see that only about 1/8" of it was nice and red.....underneath that would be ugly brown meat! So, I finally just stopped buying meat there all together. They do, however, have a nicer produce department than the other stores. They also have better buys on canned goods and frozen veggies. So, I do part of my shopping at each store. Most of the time though, I drive 20+ miles one way into the next town to stock up on meat from the Super Wal-Mart there. I have never been disappointed or discouraged with any of the meat I have gotten there. The only problem is that I've never seen them run any specials on meat!
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