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Hi Barbsy,
Thanks for the suggestions. I especially like the 'progress chart' idea.
Its hillarious how your son gulps down his food in the last 2 minutes. Yep, I can identify with you there.
The reason why I want to work on it now is pretty much because of the 'nip it in the bud' philosophy' . Hopefully it works.
Actually you know what happened... Last week I was in her class talking to her teacher about this issue when the bell rang and teacher started distributing that days work. I went to Meghan's desk and stood behind her and started watching what she does and because she was concious of my presence she just kept on working on her task and finished the next 2 tasks on a roll!!
We rewarded her with ice cream that evening for finishing her work without any distractions and she just glowed!!
I did that again 2 days later (when I had a few minutes to spend) but left as soon as I saw that she is fine and is concentratedly working on her task.
This whole week that is all we've been talking at proud we are of her etc.
5 days without a complaint from the teacher and we still have our fingers crossed...

Good luck to you with your kids and wish me luck too!
Have fun!

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