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That is a tough one. I am the parent of 2 "socializers" and I commend you for wanting to deal with it now. My older DS is by far the worst one in the far...the little guy is only 2....

If you have found that isolating her works, then she should be isolated, at least for the times when things have to be done on a deadline.

I have taught foreign language on the first & second grade level and walking into those classrooms where there is SO MUCH going on--things on every wall, every window, every blackboard so you can't even write on it, freestanding charts, boxes & bins, I have always wondered how the little ones can possibly concentrate with all that interesting stuff to look at! I found it distracting and I'm a grownup!

Maybe her teacher can have 2 desks for her--one with the rest of the group for "class work" and one by herself for "individual work."
I would also recommend a progress chart where she gets stickers for paying attention & staying on task. Reward her for every so many stickers. At 6 she is still learning how to "be in a classroom." Obviously her socializing is not affecting her schoolwork but as I'm sure you have figured out, it will later--so it's best to help her end the habit now.

My older DS is 12 and in 7th grade....and he is famous among his friends for wolfing down his whole lunch in the last 2 minutes of lunch period, because he is "visiting" the rest of the time! But at least he has gotten to the point where he can mostly save it until lunch. Up to & including 5th grade he had a really hard time with that.

Good luck! Let us know how she does. It sounds like her teacher is really committed to helping her succeed and build good habits--so you are fortunate to have a teacher like that
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