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Yup, I fell off of the low carb wagon! But, I am being a lot more careful about what I eat. I have been trying not to eat ANY sugar or white flour... doing ok so far, but not fabulous. If I make a pasta dish for the family I eat mostly everything else but still a couple of noodles, if I can see it, I can't say no! But all diet soda, no regular, and I bought some blue bunny low carb ice cream (mint chocolate chunk) and it is really good!

So today
Breakfast- Low carb strawberry yogurt...YUCK! Don't bother! Does not taste ANYTHING like yogurt and made my tummy feel gross! So, I had a handfull of animal crackers at work to soothe my stomach (that's all they had, ok?)
Lunch- ham and cheese sandwich with only a few bites of the bread, plus it is whole grain, so not so awful. And a few pickle slices.
Dinner-Pork chops, seasoned, no sauce, and fried green tomatoes with the breading peeled off, not the same, but helped with the craving for all things batter dipped and fried.
Snack- A bowl of ice cream YUMMY! Blue Bunny low carb tastes really good, AND has a decent texture, unlike some that i have tried!

Oh, plus a Diet Lime Coke and about 40 oz of water... it was a really busy day so I did not keep up with the water, better luck tomorrow hopefully.
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