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Hi Rachel,

I'm so pleased to hear you are feeling better. It's a shame the weather is so hot and humid though. What a blessing it is that you have air conditioning!! I can sure understand that you would be reluctant to go anywhere in that kind of heat. i like your sense of humor: "just a minor speed bump" Very funny!!

Ahhh, Your dh sounds wonderful. I'm sure you appreciate all his help. It must mean even more to you when he helps out without being asked. What a sweetheart!

I hope you are having a great day today. I'm sure you will find some place to go to for the fireworks. How nice that you will have a four day weekend. I hope you have a nice, relaxing break. Keep cool whatever you do!!

Bye for now. Take care. Stay out of the hot sun!

HAPPY 4 th of JULY!!!

P.S. Thanks for wishing me a happy 4th. I spent my morning at the dentist! That was one appt. that was easy to remember, unfortunately. Oh well. Have fun for me! LOL
The best things in life aren't things.
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