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LOL! Yes! I have air conditioning and have been enjoying it plenty. It's pretty bad when we are watching the 10pm news and it's still 91 degrees. The humidity has been crazy--like in the 70's for a dewpoint. That's what's been hard. I've been feeling a lot better and then it's too darned hot to go anywhere. Usually Jacob and I do Como Zoo a lot in the summer but I can't even fathom spending a few hours in that kind of heat right now. We'll get there, though. Just a minor speed bump, right?

My dh is awesome. He has been helping out so much. He normally helps out a lot and is a wonderful daddy, but I've noticed him really pitching in with things like loading/unloading the dishwasher and just little things like that. I had to take my aunt to a dr. appt. at the U of M on Tuesday and didn't get home till almost 6. He had supper made for us when we got home. Awwww....

Hope you have a happy 4th! Dh has 4 days off and we still haven't any concrete plans. Jordan doesn't have fireworks so we have to go somewhere to watch them. We've decided to try something different this year, but don't know what yet. Yikes! LOL!
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