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Despite Cellphone Ban in Theaters, Dialing Continues

The legislation passed 19 months ago, but few people, it seems, have taken note that chatting on your cellphone in a New York City movie theater is now illegal.

Even several owners and managers of movie theaters contacted last week were unfamiliar with the measure, which provides for a $50 fine for talking on a cellphone in public performance spaces, including museums, cinemas and Broadway theaters.
My personal note:

I personally do not own a cell phone...I did when I was working on the road..but I found that alot of places I couldn't get a signal.

What bugs me more is when I see people spitting on the sidewalks, roads, out their car windows.

I grew up in NY and in the sidewalks there was printed in the cement..DO NOT SPIT ON THE SIDEWALKS. Does anyone know if sidewalks there still carry this message? Can you imagine what that would be like to have everyone spitting on the walks..yuck!

That is my biggest pet peeve..what is yours?

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