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bgwelz and other long distance grandparents,
I've been thinking of you... my oldest granddaughter went to live with her daddy bck in June... and I've not seen her since.. for me that been very hard, as I used to see her every week and sometimes more than once a week.

I see her sister and her brother, but not her.. and it brings so many memories to me of how much I've missed her, I'm very thinkful I can see the other two, but I've missed the little "Red"
so much...

off to school this year, and I didn't get a report on... I don't talk to her on the phone, because her dadddy doesn't have a phone
on today of Grandparent day.... I'm thinking of you...

as well as other days when I'm missing my gdaughter and I think of how many other grandparents are missing thier grandkids.

so how is things be going for you?
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