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Weight Loss Resources On the Web

Hi y'all!

Here are a number of websites that will help with understanding nutrition and weight loss:

The National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases - many resources

Diet Site - Registered Dieticians - All Diets - many resources

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) - Controlling Your Weight - many resources

Weight Watchers

Atkins Diet

South Beach Diet

e-diets - many resources - most major diets supported

Zone Diet

American Heart Association - many resources

Jenny Craig

Slim Fast Diet

Suzanne Somers - Somersizing

Dr. Phil McGraw Shape Up Diet - click on weight loss link

Bill Phillips - Eating for Life

Trim Kids Diet

Dean Ornish Diet

WebMD Food and Nutrition Start Page

e-diets probably has the most varied resources, and helps with correctly following most of the major "specialized" diets.

Be careful with over-the-counter "diet pills." They may contain ingredients that will interfere with proper utilization of prescription medications you may be on. In addition, they may contain high amounts of caffeine which can make you jittery, make your heart race, and even cause heart palpitations. Always check with your doctor before using one of these.

Notice that most "diet pills" come with an insert that recommends a diet and exercise regimen. Those diets usually are low-calorie, low fat diets that would lead to weight loss even without taking the diet pill! In addition, the exercise recommendations would lead to a healthier life and some weight loss, again, even without taking the diet pill!

The "best" diet for weight loss is one that helps you change your lifestyle to a healthier one. It will include lowered calories, lowered fat, higher fiber, frequently includes reduced sodium, and includes a moderate exercise program. It will emphasize fresh or frozen foods rather than canned or "boxed" convenience foods.

Remember, "boxed" convenience foods usually will have high fat and high calorie levels.

Even the so-called high protein, low carb diets do not eliminate carbs entirely. They emphasize whole grains, smaller servings and avoidance of highly processed carbs.

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