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Well I too have IBS but I have never heard of a case like yours Craftymom. This might sound silly but are the doctors SURE that IBS is the only problem? Have you had xrays, ultrasounds, a colonoscopy? I assume the answer is yes. I was able to get mine under control after adding more fibre to my diet and deleting or moderating stuff like dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables. It's clear that everyone who's replied so far is well informed - thanks for the websites, I'll be checking them out and passing them along to others. I'm surprised that there haven't been more people replying to this thread since the more I'm open about having IBS, the more I find other people who have it. The thing is I think a lot of people have this thing and don't know it. I got progressively sicker for ten years until I mentioned it to the doctor. Craftymom, I admire your sense of humour. The last time I was really sick was about three years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter. That first trimester was really tough and I remember my husband asking me if I was unhappy about the pregnancy three months into it since I seemed so miserable all the time. I was just so sick ( I had lost 8 pounds by the end of the third month rather than having put on weight) that I couldn't be happy.

A time I remember as funny now but not so funny then... I was teaching my 6th grade class when an attack came over me... I told my students to be good since I had to go to the washroom for a few minutes as I ran out the classroom doubled over(I'll never forget the look of genuine concern on their faces)... so anyway I got to the washroom in time but was unable to leave. About 15 minutes later a student walked in, I identified myself from behind the door and begged her to please advise the office that I was sick in the washroom and that someone had to look after my class. Well a few minutes later there's a knock at the door and my vice principal's voice asking me if I'm O.K. I know he came out of concern but I was so embarassed by the smell if you know what I mean...Anyway it took me awhile to look at him straight in the eyes after that altough we do laugh about it now. By the way, I was in the washroom for an hour and a half - a teacher's aide took over for me.
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