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Cool & Refreshing Watermelon Fruit Bowl

Grapes (Red & Purple)
Pinnapple Chuncks
Fresh or canned peach slices

No quantity has been given since it is all based on the size of your watermelon. I begin by using a water soluable marker and marking out my basket handle and rim on my watermelon. Using a specialy tool or simple carving knive carve out your design carefully removing the unwanted rhine. Use a melon baller and get as much of the actual watermelon meat out of the basket without damaging the structure of the rhine making your basket.

Wash, remove stems and slice all remaining fruits into bite size pieces, again using the melon ball tool for your cantalope. Mix all together and sprinkle with Fruit Fresh or dip into a bowl of cold water with lemon juice to preserve the color of your fruit. Place mixture inside your watermelon basket. Edges of your basket may be embellished with carving a zigzag design or using cool whip in a scallop pattern. NOTE: The coolwhip may not last very long in warmer climates.

OH what a beautiful and festive centerpiece as well as low fat and delicious for your 4th celebration. I've added small flag picks among the fruit in the basket as well.
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