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Oh, yes! But take heart since you will eventually see the benefits of your labor... I stripped most all of the woodwork in a 100 year-old house that we were renting over a period of almost six years. My husband griped at me for doing work to someone else's property, but it got depressing living in an environment with chipped gross painted woodwork, and was really rewarding for me during a difficult period. Besides I got to refinish two fireplaces--a feat I felt that I would never be able to do again, and I was right about that thought! The paint was at least 10 layers thick with the greenish lead paint base and sometimes took very little to chip away. But most of the time I relied on using a paint heat gun which made short work of what could have been an endless situation. There are a lot of pros and cons using either liquid paint strippers or a heat gun when removing paint, so the best approach is an educated one of course... I preferred the heat gun because of the toxicity of strippers. But also had to contend with the fact that fumes from heated paint were not the most pleasant experience I ever had. And scraping the softened paint away sometimes resulted in occasional burns to myself, or unintended gouges to the wood. But I was extremely pleased with the end result and with myself for accomplishing the entire project. I even took pictures of everything before and after so that years later I could remind myself of the trials and tribulations of wood refinishing. I had to have something nice to remember about the house since it was such a pitiful excuse for a dwelling anyway!
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