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Thanks for the support!
I'm just checking in, before going out to get gas, propane, food, and chlorine for the pool. (strange as it might be our only water source for awhile!) My boyfriend has been freezing blocks of ice, and stocking up his huge freezer with them. It's empty of food....lost all of it when Charley came thru.
Things are getting tense around town. People are lined up at gas stations, and Home Depot is already out of plywood.
We are getting what we can today and tomorrow, and doing our preparations @ home on Sunday.'s some good news! My DD ...who failed school last year... just told me that she is upset that the schools will be closed next week! She likes her new school, and actually WANTS to be there! YEAH!!!!

ok all.....gotta go...........see ya later...... Bett
"The first rule is to keep an untroubled spirit. The second is to look things in the face, and know them for what they are." Marcus Aurelius

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