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Re: Ohhhhh Bettdev!

jnlowe, I agree with bettdev. Please tell your DS to stay put! I doubt, with Ivan apparently on his way, that too many folks will be bothering to get their dishes hooked back up yet anyway (my mom said most of her neighbors weren't even taking the boards off their windows,) and, as bettdev pointed out, it could be a l-o-n-g drive from Sarasota to safer ground (which will quite likely be much farther north than the FL/GA line,) and that's only if he can find gas down there. And they didn't have a "day's notice" when Charley changed his path, just a matter of hours. I grew up in Central FL and went through my share of hurricanes. Trust me, nobody wants to be there who doesn't have to! Even my mother, who's had almost 71 years of FL hurricanes, says they're probably going north to her "feller's" brother's in OH if Ivan heads their way. Three big storms so close together has been just too many for her!

bettdev, I'm so sorry this is such an especially awful time for you. I fear you aren't the only storm-weary Floridian who'll be packing up after this. It's been an awful 'cane season so far this year, but it has been a freakish one, too. Thank God, it's not usually so bad! Please remember that you have a bunch of shoulders here to lean on -- and cry on, if you need a good cry. We're thinking of you!
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