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kids and concentration

Hi Every body!
I hope there is some one out there with an answer to my problem...
My biggest thing right now is to teach my 6 year old DD how to focus on her task and actually finish it! She just is such a socializer that she just starts a conversation every 2 minutes with her neighbor (at school), her sister or us (at home), her friends (at the baby sitter). She can finish it in a flash if we move her away from people and isolate her! And boy does she do a good job! She reads chapter books, writes up all these sentences, uses advanced (for her age) vocabulary, adds, subtracts (2 digit borrowing math). Except reading which she does even with hundred distractions around her, she has to be either isolated or talked to real sternly to get her to finish any of her work.
Her 1st grade teacher says she is extremely talented and creative. The teacher and I have tried different methods so far to no permanent avail. Meghan does finish her work on the days we have had a talk.
Is any body in this situation? If so what are you doing about it?
Have fun!

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