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Ohhhhh Bettdev!

I feel for you, girl...

Pray about it and do what you are prompted to do. Sometimes that means MOVE out of our "comfort" zones and we are being forewarned.

My son just called me and said a guy in Sarasota wants him to come down there and help him reinstall satellite dishes etc. for people because he is overloaded.

DS lives in Ohio.

I told him I worried about him heading down that way this weekend and being there next week because of the situation. He thinks he can drive out if Ivan threatens, but I tried to explain to him about the gas outtages and traffic, etc. He still thinks he could get out of Sarasota with a day's notice.

What do YOU think??

Keep us posted on what you decide to do. Do you have family you can stay with till you get re-situated??
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