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I have been a home daycare provider for many years. The biggest problem I have faced is the lack of respect for the job. It is as Akaremom mentioned, people think because I am home all day I do nothing but sit around watching soap operas or something which is so far from the truth. Even my husband thinks my job is a breeze. I take care of 5 toddlers during the day plus one child after school and my own 3 children after school as well and they all keep me on my toes. The thing is, I fell into doing this when my first child was a baby and found out I absolutely love it for the most part. The things I don't like about the job itself is no contact with adults (I do a lot of volunteer work to compensate) and parents arriving late. I work from 6:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. which is a very long day. At the end of the work day, the children are tired and want their parents and I am tired and want time with my family. It seems no matter what boundries I set, there are some parents who are always late. And please don't say to just give up that child/family because I really love the children I care for! It is also hard to deal with the wear and tear on my house and furniture but that is just par for the course. I consider what I do my profession and it is hard work. But what other job gives you so many rewards! Of course, I could do without all the dirty diapers but the way I see it, every job has at least one or two things not to like. I feel blessed to be able to be home for my own children and love my job at the same time.
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