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Hurricane Frances just left Florida. This preparedness tips has been mentioned and would like to break it down. Before buying batteries check what kind of batteries you need. I bought 2 1.9 volts batteries only to find out that the radio that needed this battery quit working on me. I am down to my second radio, which I did not check the kind of battery that is needed. Luckily, I had previously bought some earlier for spare. I have plenty of Ds, 2AA, 3AAA, and 1.9 volts. Notice that these batteries are not the kind that I needed to keep my radio going to listen for the weather update. We have no Electric and we are bored. We sat down and played domino and this is the first time that the family sat down and played game together. Second day of the Hurricane and we are hungry foods in the freezer and halfway defrosted. We cant cook inside because we only have charcoal. Not sure if we can light outside because the wind is too strong but we are really hungry. Propane stove burner would have been great if any. We need ice for frozen foods and cant find any.


1 Propane/Gas Stove burner for inside cooking incase if winds is too strong to cook out.
2 of each type Batteries check which type are needed
2 Portable radios the second radio is for back up.
3 refillable water jug may varies depends on your family members
2 ice coolers for drinks and perishable foods.

Ivan is coming.
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