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Adult Fisherman Theme Party

First have the guest of honor put on a fishing vest with some tackle attached to it. Maybe even a hat too!.


~ Make Fish shaped invitatations - use a saying like... all fisherman to come fishing for their dinner at (name) house.

~ Have invitations with bait and tackle on them, or better yet shape them into a tackle box.


~ You can buy fish netting and place it around the yard with some plastic fish attached to it.

~ Use fish netting over table clothes

~ Make plates into fish by adding lips, fins and tails.

~ Decorate a fence or wall with blue plastic table cloth and cut waves to look like the ocean and stapled plastic fish cascading the fence with anchors and life preservers.

~ Place some tackle and fishing rod around the room/yard

~ fill a small childrens pool with water an float some fish in it... this could be your pond.


~ Make a sailboat cake (look 3/d) using blue and green plastic wrap and gummy fish to look like the ocean.

~ Make Fish Gelatin Bowls using blue gelatin and gummy fish

~ Make edible Dirt Cups with Gummy fish coming out

~ Have a fish fry

~ Have a cake in the shape of a fish-

To Make: (1) Make a basic sheet cake; (2) Draw a fish shape on a piece of stiff paper and cut out; (3) Trace around the cutout onto wax paper and cut out; (4) Carefully glue the wax paper cutout to the paper cutout; (5) Cut the shape out of the cake by tracing around the cutout with a knife; (6) Tint white frosting a bright color like orange or yellow with food color icing (use instead of liquid food coloring, your frosting will be less watery); (7) Cut a small white gumdrop in half and flatten. Place on the cake for the eye. Attach a chocolate chip to the center of the gumdrop with a little frosting to finish the eye. (8) Decorate the body of the fish with assorted round candies. Tip: You can make the fins a darker shade of your color choice (add a little more food color icing until frosting reaches the desired shade).

~ Decorate a cake to look like a lake and have some fish in it
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