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I hate when my Fibro symptoms include the brain really bugs me, I find the more I work my brain but doing crossword puzzles, word games, memory games, reading hard textbooks, keeps my brain in shape...what do you think? I found this article in my email this morning...interesting.

Dementia is a progressive decline in mental ability, affecting memory, thinking, judgment, attention span and learning.

Although dementia usually develops after the age of 60, due
mainly to Alzheimer's Disease, it is not a natural part of aging.

To slow down the progression of dementia, try the following lifestyle changes:

Maintain a positive attitude. Studies show that a positive emotional state may help ward off cognitive decline. Social ties, involvement in church and community and meaningful relationships all seem to be protective.

Keep your blood pressure under control. High blood pressure is the strongest risk factor for multi-infarct dementia, another common cause of dementia that results from tiny strokes.

Exercise regularly. You can help slow memory loss by maintaining good circulation with regular aerobic exercise.

Keep your mind active. Combine physical and mental exercise: sing familiar songs while walking or read the newspaper while riding a stationary exercise bike.
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