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Removing Old Paint on Windowsills

I am stripping the old layers and layers of paint off my kitchen windows and sills down to the nice wood, but wow, its taking forever. All the layers, I'm using a product called Dads. But does anyone know of a better one? This one does work ok, you spray it on. I used it on a dresser, with only one layer of paint. But this is alot of work. Then, its getting on the walls, that paint is bubbling. I am repainting the walls, but now I will have to work on that area. Then there is caulking on the window sills, which I will have to put back on - I guess in clear, because I want the natural wood look.
I'm also going to strip the doors down, which I will remove the doors and take outside, since the odor gets to you after awhile. But there is not so many layers of paint on those that I can tell.
Anyone start a project that you thought was easy and it turned out to be more than you thought?
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