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I still feel if a person who is in the it our top ranking government personell, congressman, senators, tv/movie celebrities...if they fell to this disease, the gateway of all the funding for medical research suddenly falls open.

There are far too many people that think, quit your complaining, it is only aches & pains...but it does take a toll on the rest of our bodies, livelihood, relationships, etc.
A toothache is an ache & pain...but there is a remedy for that...go to the dentist.

We need to have researchers working on a cure for Fibro, for many are being misdiagnosed, or labeled as "all in their heads".

People of fame, draw attention to the plight of illnesses, and the purse strings are wide open then, fundraisers start, research gets accelerated and a possibility of a cure starts to come to the surface.

It shouldn't be this way, but unfortunately it is...
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