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Sometimes I just have to laugh or spout

As I was catching up on the last few posts, my first response was we "peons" should pray or should I say "prey" upon celebrities to come out and admit their fibro. Because of their notoriety, some have taken the responsibility of giving certain illnesses their "voice." Muhamed Ali and Michael J Fox - Parkinsons; Wilford Brimley and Mary Tyler Moore - Diabetes and Juvenile Diabetes; Ann Jillian - breast cancer; Terri Garr - MS; Meredith Viera - prostrate cancer (husband's), etc... to name a few. I'm wondering if some of our famous counterparts are wondering just how they can admit their fibro when the medical field is just opening their eyes to this chronic condition. Could they be thinking "What would my adoring public think of me if I admit I have Fibro? Is that like saying I have IBS or hemmorroids (?). Now my agent wants me for that Pepto Bismol commercial!"

Seriously, I've learned that FM, CFS and the likes are all relative. You don't know how bad it hurts until you have it. It's not like some of the heavier illnesses (cancer, diabetes, heart disease). You don't need to have these illnesses in order to sympathize, empathize and understand the consequences of these diseases. Now, take someone with FM, like me, and I'm psychosomatically, humorously neurotically and hypochondriacally ill. (Sounds pretty normal for me!) I used to think that if I took my own life, then they would have to understand that this illness has some ugly outcomes. That'll show them. HA! I had a palm reader tell me once that while many will perceive that I'm emotionally unstable, I'm really alot stronger that they because I've had to play the game alot harder and I'll still be around!

So, while I would never pray for others to experience this, I do sometimes find my deliciously wishing. . . . . . Better be good but I am reminded of one of my favorite Irish blessings: "May God bless those who love us. And those who do not love us, May God turn their hearts. And if he cannot turn their hearts, May God turn their ankles so that we may know them by their limping." (OH! I'm being bad!)

Hey remember that conflict I mentioned with the other mother. She wrote me a nasty letter. Well, I responded, kindly if not a little long windedly, and told her she was missing out on a great friendship, if nothing else I'm good for a laugh or two and shame on her. Well, it's quite funny now (until I start second guessing myself ) and my 15 yr old ds was delighted when I gave him permission to burn the letter and flush it down the toilet! I cleaned house that day! I go girl!
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