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Hi, I am a Dental Assistant, and I was COMPLETELY uneducated on dental health! It was not until after I had started my schooling in the profession that I realized how neglected my own teeth were.

The best time to take your child to the dentist? When he or she gets that first tooth. One of the big reasons to go so early is to detect abnormalities as teeth are one of the last things to develop in the womb, abnormalities are not uncommon. But the other is that it helps your child get used to the office and grow to understand that this is just a routine thing, and can really help them to have healthy teeth for the rest of their lives.

Just a note on anesthetics...I now work for a specialist, but I worked in Community Health for my internship and am familiar with pediatric dentistry... the amounts of anesthetic used in children are very low and allergies and adverse reactions to the anesthetics now used in dentistry are VERY, VERY low and the damage to your child that can be caused by not using the anesthetics is HUGE!!! Look at those of you who are literally terrified of going to the dentist now.

Also, a root canal in a child is very different from a root canal in an adult, the inner pulp area of a baby tooth is much larger, and the dentist does not remove or damage the nerve as would be done in an adult root canal.
If you have any questions, please ask me, I really have a heart for children and I have a good amount of experience with their dental care!!!!

Good luck with your appointment, dnjkilbey! It really helps if you explain to your children where you are going and why, and to practice having them open their mouths so that you can "count" their teeth like the awesome and fun dentist will!
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