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Hi everyone

First, Jeannie is not a moderator, she is just a helpful and concerned member of these boards.

Second, I really didn't see why you felt that Jeannie's response in recommending that you turn to your vet for answers would seem to you like she didn't care if the dog lived or died or not?? This part completely baffles me.

I have to agree with what Jeannie says here. I'm afraid we are not veterinarians, nor are we health care professionals. I understand your need to find out the origin of this disease, but I don't believe that attacking each other will get the answers you are looking for.

I also would like to point out that the two resources that Jeannie posted, that you said you already had, have these comments next to them on

Q&A: Puppy Strangles Disease
Q: What is puppy strangles and is it contagious?

A: I am not a veterinarian, but have collected several resources for you to read about this condition, which involves the swelling of lymph nodes typically around the neck and head. Since not all puppies in a litter will get stragles, it is not necessarily contagious. But your vet will be your best source of information on that. Here are some Web resources for you to read:

I hope this helps. The condition is a serious one that needs a vetīs attention right away.

Please, take your puppy to the vet, or contact a veterinary college and see if they can help figure this out with you.

Good luck