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We attended an area church’s FALL FROLIC in our area and it was a blast!

It doubled as a neighborhood outreach so this is how it went

The church had volunteers on hand to sign folks in. Although the event was free, this is how they kept order while also getting a head count and addresses for follow up!
The Youth Praise and Worship team played, there were door prizes (you were entered with the ticket that held your name and address), free hot dogs and drink (free hot cocoa and coffee for folks as well) , each family was able to get a free bag of popcorn.
There was a face painting station, a ring toss over soda bottles, and so on. I can’t recall the other games off of the top of my head but there was also a moon bounce for the lil’guys. We are hoping to attend again this year unless it is on the same night as our own church.

Our church has a BARN BLAST but we missed last year because we joined our church last November.

Our previous church (we were members 13 years!) also had a FALL FROLIC at a church family’s home. It was great! Although it was for the church family and not an outreach project ANYONE was welcome!
We had so much fun! There was ALWAYS a bon fire. Most of the older folks sat around the fire and watched the kids be silly! There was always hot dogs and apple cider, coffee and hot cocoa. Some families brought food to share and all of the families were asked to donate a bag of candy for the piñata! Usually by beloved hubby was in charge of it. There were sack races, toilet paper wrapping relays, doughnuts hung on the clothes line with a string and there was a race to finish with NO HANDS! Also a pie eating contest! We always had a good time and our kids never missed not celebrating Halloween!

Hope this helps!
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