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Try putting "printable bookmark" into a Google search! Incredible number of hits!

For a Church, I would suggest using Bible verses and Chrismons (Christian Symbols). Print onto colored card stock, cut out, and laminate. Put a tassle on the end using "happy" colored thin nylon cord to make the tassles.

You can create a table format using Word or WordPerfect for making them.

Here are some URL's of places I found searching on "printable bible bookmarks:"

The Year of the Bible, 5 minutes a day bookmarks (PDF format):

DLTK's Crafts for Kids Printable Bookmarks

These are copyrighted, so I wouldn't print and try to sell them, but you might simply use the verses in your own bookmarks:

These beaded bookmarks are for sale, but will give you some ideas:

Some B&W Christian Graphics that you can save and "paste" into bookmarks (resize) along with a Bible verse, and the kids can color them, then laminate them:

I have also found that I enjoy "playing" with graphic images I download off the internet. I saved a few flower pictures, and have "clipped out" parts of them to make backgrounds. Parts of some of the paintings available on the net would make wonderful bookmark backgrounds. If you have a color printer it's easy. Just bring up the graphic in the little MS-Paint program that comes with Windoze, clip out the part you want to use, and save the clipped out part (don't save the pic you pulled up initially - you will want to reuse it). Then you can paste the clip onto your bookmark. If you have something like Corel Draw or Adobe Paint shop, you can then make a transparent layer over it and put a Bible verse over the graphic. If not, then make the graphic a "watermark" and you can print whatever you want to over it!

There are many ways to do this.

Let us know how things turn out!
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