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I just love to do gift baskets with a theme. I usually do the cookie mixes, hot chocolate ,coffee creamers,flavored coffees the list is endless. And they are inexpensive too. I shop all year long for items for baskets for example for a coffee drinker I would use a flavored coffee and coffee creamer a pretty mug,maybe some chocolate dipped spoons and a mug rug or coaster put it all in a pretty little lined basket and you got a personal homemade gift. I make my hotchocolate and other mixes too. to line a basket you just pick out a material you like grab a hot glue gun measure the material to fit and glue. Or you can use store bought items like bath items and a candle all in the same fragrance and a good book with a tea cup and tea bags. I haven't done homemade soaps and stuff yet but I'm thinking about it. baskets are my favorite to do. I do one every year for my sister with a different theme. I plan early and pick stuff up. One year I did a chicken basket for her. I got a pretty picnic type basket, cookbook,seasoning,marinade,kitchen timer,magnet and a frozen whole chickenand other things too. She loved it. I've done movie baskets with a favorite movie, popcorn, snacks, candy, movie rentals ,pizza gift certificates, and a 6 pk of beer too. just think of something some one likes or does and go with it.they can be very simple with a few items or very elaborate with alot of items it all depends on how indept you want to be. I prefer simple.
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