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Small Pets

I live in the country & have 15 to 20 cats. Two pampered
inside cats & the rest are to control the snake population.
There are about 7 kittens. That doesn't really count as
small pets though, does it? I had gerbils as a child & have
recently had the urge to get a small pet for my 3 year old
son. I likes that the gerbils had tails (unlike the hamsters)
& the tails were covered with fur (unlike the mice & rats).
I used to hold the gerbils by the tails & lay down with
the animal on my stomach. Once you start laughing, you
cant stop, because the gerbil is bouncing up & down.
Anyway, I'd like to hear more about the rats too. Most
small rodents are nocturnal & I figured this would probably
scare my son at night. So, how quiet are the rats. Does
anybody have experience teaching a child this young to
be gentle & responsible w/ a small animal? (It would have
to be in his room as the cats are not allowed in that part
of the house.
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