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66.Mobile - Add light weight handing thingies such as paper Halloween ghosts, bats, skulls and moon face.

67.Musical Shaker - Use corn, dried bean, peas, rice, small stones or sand for the sound you want.

68.Napkin Rings - Cut to the length you want and decorate.

69.New Year's Horn - From Fun At The Pond - you need a paper towel tube, wax paper, poster paint, a rubber band and decorating materials. Paint the tube and let dry. Cut a circular piece of wax paper large enough to fold over one end of the tube and fasten in place with a rubber band. Wrap a piece of masking tape around the edge of the open end. Punch five holes about 2 cm. apart down one side of the tube. Decorate.

70.Nozzle - At the end of a fire hose or gas pump line.

71.Olympic Torch - The tube as the torch body, add the flame, and embellish with crepe paper streamers.

72.Paint Circles - Dip the ends in paint and gently press on paper.

73.Parachute Weight - Let Beavers decorate as they wish.

74.Party Favours - Load with small appropriate gift, cover with wrapping paper and tie ends with a ribbon.

75.Party Poppers - Load with small prizes and the "popper", wrap in tissue paper, tie the ends with ribbon, and decorate with stickers.

76.Pencil Holder

77.Periscope - Add small mirrors at the end and you can make this work.

78.Picture Frames - One decorated tube on each side of a craft stick frame.

79.Pumpkin - Cover with orange construction paper and add black cut out facial features.

80.Puppet - The tube is the finger(s) puppet: human (vertical) or animal (horizontal).

81.Puppet - As the nose and ears on larger, cardboard box puppets.

82.Puppet - As body and limbs, and as the string control for a marionette.

83.Puppet - As in Peek-a-Boo or Pop-Up Puppets.

84.Quiver - For crayons, pencils, straws, or even an umbrella.

85.Race Track - For Hot Wheels: cut tubes in half and join end-to-end to lay out your course.

86.Raft Logs

87.Rain Stick

88.Recorder - Poke holes near one end of a cardboard tube. Let the Beaver hum through the tube, covering and uncovering the holes to vary the tone.

89.Ring Necklace - Flatten; make cuts (about 2/3 of the diameter)
alternating on each side the length of the tube.

90.Ring Toss

91.Robots - Tubes of various lengths and diameters for the parts of the body.

92.Rocket Ships

93.Rolling Design - Dip yarn or string into a bowl of glue. Beavers wrap the glue-covered yarn around short cardboard tube any way they want. When it dries, let the children roll their design over a paint pad, then over pieces of construction paper.

94.Scroll - For decoration, add to the top and bottle for an
important-looking piece of paper.


96.Secret Message Carrier

97.Sidewalk Chalk - Outdoor craft that can be fun. Click here for the recipe.

98.Silo - Of a barn.

99.Smoke Funnels - Smokestacks for the Titanic.

100.Snack Tubes - Put small amounts of trail mix, cereal, dried fruit, pretzels or other snack mix in sealable plastic bag inside a tube. Decorate the tube with tissue paper and tie with ribbons.

101.Star Viewer - Here's a miniature planetarium. Secure a circle of black construction paper to one end of a cardboard tube. Use a needle to punch a constellation pattern in the construction paper. To use the viewer, a Beaver holds the view up to the light and looks through the open end.

102.Stop Light - As the post, using an egg carton as the lights.

103.Storing Lace, Trim or Yarn - Wrap them around empty tissue tube. It keeps them untangled and it makes it easier to dispense.

104.String-Climbing Critters - From Family Fun Crafts: let Beavers create their own critter on a paper plate. Cut out the drawing and colour the flip side. Next, attach a 2 cm. length of drinking
straw to the side arms of the critters. Attach a meter of string to the ends of paper tubes and thread the string through the straws. Add a bead at the end of each string.

105.Stunt - Hold the tube out from one eye with a book at tube length from the other. Move the book away from the eye and the book appears to have a hole in it.

106.Swords - Or lances for jousting.

107.Talking Tube - Decorated tube. Use to control talking - only the Beaver who holds the tube may talk.

108.Telephone - Add an egg carton ear and mouth piece.


110.Threading Game - How many paper tubes can a Beaver thread on a rope in a minute?

111.Time Capsule - Make at the beginning of the year and open at the end.

112.Toothpaste and Toothbrush Holder

113.Torches - For an Olympic opening or campfires.

114.Totem Pole - Show Beavers an example, but them create their own using fun foam pieces.

115.Tower - Four rolls standing vertically capped with a piece of
cardboard. Add another floor in the same manner and keep building as far as your Colony can.

116.Tree Trunks - Deciduous, coniferous and palm.

117.Tube Streamers - Attach streamer to the ends of cardboard paper towel tubes. Tap two together for rhythm sticks or wave them around. Also good as marching batons.

118.Village People - Such as pilgrims for Thanksgiving.

119.Weather Vane - Dowel through one end, loose enough to move freely. Rectangular cutouts on either side of dowel for air flow.

120.Wheels - Tubes worked for the Flintstones.

121.Wind Mill - As both the building and the sails.

122.Windsock - This is a small version - decorate the tube with
construction paper, wrapping paper or stickers. Add long crepe paper streamers to the bottom. Attach four lengths of string to
the top.
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