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I'm Back!

It's a better day. My boys started school this week and the house is finally quiet but now I have the daunting task of cleaning which always causes headaches (no LOL!) I went with a friend last night to help with a church service project and two hours later my eyes were hot, my shoulders and neck were aching and my head felt like it was in a vice and all because I was bending down to pick up the clothes to sort.

I have found that when I do anything strenuous that causes my eyes to feel hot and I sweat on my face, the headaches get worse - alot of pressure and temples are so painful it feels like a vice around my head. Any ideas for this? I took something to help relieve pain (Lortab) and while it helped me sleep longer than 2 hours, I still have the headaches. Ouch! I can handle a toe stub or a bruised knee better than I can handle any pain around my head and neck and face. Ouch!

but, other than that, Hey I'm FINE! I get to relax a little bit today (I have nowhere to be), do some painting and let kids do dinner. Around my house we call these days, "Root little pig or Die" nights. My youngest hates it but I love it! Well, gotta go and get me a bite - haven't eaten yet today.
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