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Check out our crafts section for some easy projects. Off hand for the college students I would think a small gift basket with scent soaps (see soaps for ideas in the craft section). Also look around in Oct. to Nov. for local craft shows... where you can pick up little crafts at good prices. For example we are doing a craft show in Nov. and none of our items will be over $20.00. I make pint size canning jar candles scented with fall and winter scents such as pumpkin pie, apple pie, caramel apple.. you get the idea I sell these for $5.00 each. Candles are always a hit with anyone over 16. You can also learn to make your own, they are pretty easy.

You can also start saving Pringles cans now and make cookies, put in the cans and mail.. they hold up pretty well.

Hope this helps.

Oh also, check out our Garage Sale here I'm sure as the closer we get to the holidays the more people will list items for sale and nothing is over $25.00.

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