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Re: Chin UP!

Originally posted by cynstenquist
[FONT=arial]. I would love to have some smooth waters to sail through for awhile. I know I shouldn't hybernate to create the smooth waters, but I can't think of another way to keep from getting into trouble. Sometimes I wish I were grownup. Although I am 40+, I sometimes I feel like a little girl in an old body with one foot in mouth.
Oh boy..did you reach into my head, an pull out my soul, or what?? Or maybe you have been recording my sessions with my therapist? Yeah, that must be it!!

Cyn, I know just how you feel... and you're so, not alone. It's an awfully hard adjustment, and it's really no wonder that we don't find ourselves backslidingto the emotional low points more often that not!

But what is important is that we keep reaching out, and being open, and allowing ourselves to ask for help when we need it ( no small task) and to accept the help when it shows up.. ( easier said than done) ...

Hybernating, and isolating is part of the disease..and it only cycles to the depression, which cycles to the disease, which cycles to the depression.. shall I continue?

We're here.. on this board.. and if the old fibro thread is still open for perusal.. feel free to look over those posts too.. I'm sure you;ll see where we came from in comparisoon to where we are now is a positive journey for the most part...

My brain is abit foggy I hope I'm making sense.. All I can hope to do here is edit for typos.. I just wanted to let you know, you touched a place deep inside me with your words.. and I had to respond. Hang in there!!

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