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Chin UP!

Hey, thanks all for the "chin up" advice.

Elizabeth, I went to the akathis website you mentioned and I found it very moving. What poetry!

I was raised southern baptist and am now LDS so my spiritual repertoire is quite broad and open minded. I wasn't sure what I would find but as I read through the akathist, I was moved to tears and the feeling of warmth and love came over me. It's wonderful to know that we can edified by such poetry and even friends like I've found here.

I've been able to laugh at the neighbor nastiness and chalk it up to one great big hiccup
but then I will have moments of weakness and cry all over again. I wish I could find a happy middle ground. I would love to have some smooth waters to sail through for awhile. I know I shouldn't hybernate to create the smooth waters, but I can't think of another way to keep from getting into trouble. Sometimes I wish I were grownup. Although I am 40+, I sometimes I feel like a little girl in an old body with one foot in mouth. Hey, guys I'm losing control again. Gotta go!
If I wait to be happy, I'll wait forever.
If I am happy now, I'll be happy forever!" Sally Hess

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